PBC and PLC Registration Procedure

  Admin   04 January 19   Site-news

The procedure for registering a company in Zimbabwe generally follows two steps:

Stage 1. Name search

A request is made to the Registrar of Companies office for a search to be made in the Register of Companies. The following is applicable at the name search stage:
  • The purpose of an application for reservation of name is to get the authority of the Registrar to use a particular name.
  • If the Registrar approves your application to reserve a name, he will reserve that name for you for a period of 30 days to enable you to register your PBC or PLC. He will not allow any other person to register that name during that period.
  • You are advised to give four names in your application so that if one name is not accepted, another one may be. You should list the names in order of preference
  • The Registrar will not accept a name which is similar to that of another PLC or PBC, or is likely to mislead the public or is indecent.

The Registrar will give a written notice of whether any of your names were accepted or if they were rejected. This process takes 3 to 6 working days.

Stage 2: Registration of PBC / PLC and appointment of members or directors.

After your name has been successfully reserved, the documentation for the registration of the PBC or PLC must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies. This process involves the appointment of members (shareholders/directors) of the PBC. Each member is assigned a percentage of ownership in the PBC. The total percentage for all members must add up to 100%. For a PLC this will be appointment of shareholders, directors and a company secretary.

The Registrar will then register the PBC or PLC and assign to it a registration number. The Registrar will put his seal, his stamp and his signature to the PBC Incorporation Statement to signify its authenticity. For a PLC the Registrar will issue a Certificate of Incorporation and affix his signature and stamp on the Articles of Association, Memorandum, CR6 and CR14. The PBC or PLC is also entered into the Company registry and becomes searchable in the Registrar’s database. This process takes 3 to 6 working days.