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  • List your names in order of preference starting with the name you want the most at the top.
  • Make sure these are unique e.g Creative Enterprises, Creative Holdings are considered the same name.
  • Abbreviations e.g ABC are not allowed.
  • If your name includes the word investments then your core business must be investments.
  • If you choose to have 'holdings' in your name the subsidiary company(ies) must already be registered.

Please note that if your business does not have a business address as yet you can use the address of one of the directors.

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Please give the full name, surname, ID number & percentage shareholding of each shareholder.

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If the directors of your company are different from the list of shareholders you entered above please specify them below:

Note: Don't fill this if you want to register as a PBC. Specify First name, Surname, ID number & Address

ZIMRA registration, Bank opening letter & ZIMRA tax clearance

If your order includes ZIMRA registration, ZIMRA bank opening letter or ZIMRA tax clearance; the requirements for that are as follows:

  • Certified copies of company papers.
  • Certified copies of directors' IDs.
  • Proof of residence for every director (attach affidavit if proof is not in director's name).
  • Directors' email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Current bank statement of the company.
  • Current personal bank statement of one of the directors.

Any special instructions, comments or additional directors should go below:


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