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We are your all-weather partner from an idea to a fully registered company that can trade with any other business local and international.


Compliance with the legal requirements and keeping up to date with changes may take you off your main business. Throw these to us and trade peacefully


A lot needs to be done to keep your business in good shape to your existing, new and potential clients. engage us for all secretarial work.

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Smart Fiscal Accounting Services & Consultancy
We provide a wide range of accounting services from sales and installation of QuickBooks, to book keeping, financial statements and auditing.

The best way to keep a business effective and healthy is to keeps its books up to date and compliant with accounting standards

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Company Registrations

We facilitate the process of registering private companies, private business corporations, sole traders, NGOs, Trusts, associations, partnerships and any other form of business.


Registrations of Private Limited Companies, PBCs, Cooperatives, Societies, NGOs, Trusts, Churches, etc.


Compliance with ZIMRA, NSSA, PRAZ, Deeds Office, Government and other authorities governing your operations


All secretarial work: company document amendments, shares, directors, updates, modifications, etc.


Everything needed for your financials to be on point, book keeping, audits, financial statements, etc.

The Lion of Tax consultancy

Professional Service & Support

we are your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of financial regulations and business compliance. As a premier consultancy firm, we specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

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