our services for Private Business Corporations

1. Preliminary Consultation:

Our process begins with a consultation to understand the unique needs of the client’s business. We provide information on the advantages and requirements of registering a Private Business Corporation in Zimbabwe.

2. Name Reservation:

We assist in the reservation and approval of a suitable business name for the Private Business Corporation, ensuring it complies with regulatory guidelines.

3. Documentation Preparation:

Smart Fiscal Consultants aids clients in preparing the necessary documentation for PBC registration, including the completion of the PBC Form, which outlines key details about the business.

4. Shareholding Structure Guidance:

We provide guidance on structuring the shareholding of the PBC, helping clients understand and determine the contributions and rights of each member.

5. Submission of Registration Documents:

We take care of the submission of all required documents to the relevant authorities for PBC registration. This includes submitting the completed PBC Form and any supporting documentation to the Companies Registry.

6. Assistance with Partnership Agreements:

For PBCs with multiple members, we offer support in drafting partnership agreements. These agreements outline the rights, responsibilities, and profit-sharing arrangements among the members.

7. Tax Registration and Compliance:

Smart Fiscal Consultants ensures that the PBC complies with tax regulations by assisting in the acquisition of a business partner number with ZIMRA and providing guidance on tax obligations.

8. Registered Office Services:

Similar to the services for private limited companies, we can provide a registered office address for the PBC to receive official communications.

9. Post-Registration Compliance Assistance:

Our services extend to post-registration compliance, guiding clients on ongoing obligations such as annual returns and financial statements submission.

10. Continuous Support and Advisory:

We offer ongoing support and advisory services to address any queries or changes in regulations that may affect the PBC. Our goal is to ensure the business remains in good standing and operates smoothly.