Secretarial Services by Smart Fiscal Consultants

Smart Fiscal Consultants recognizes the importance of secretarial work in facilitating smooth business operations, ensuring legal compliance, and safeguarding intellectual property. Our secretarial services cover a range of functions, including:

1. Company Secretarial Work:

We assist businesses in fulfilling their company secretarial duties, ensuring compliance with corporate governance regulations. This includes maintaining statutory records, organizing board meetings, and managing corporate documentation.

2. Trademark Registration:

Smart Fiscal Consultants guides clients through the process of registering trademarks with the relevant authorities. This involves conducting trademark searches, preparing and filing applications, and managing the registration process to protect intellectual property.

3. Patent Registration:

For businesses with innovative products or processes, we provide support in patent registration. This involves preparing and filing patent applications, liaising with patent offices, and managing the patent registration process.

4. Intellectual Property Management:

Our secretarial services extend to the management of intellectual property, including trademarks, patents, and copyrights. We help businesses develop strategies to protect and leverage their intellectual assets.

5. Trade Name Registration:

Smart Fiscal Consultants assists businesses in registering trade names, ensuring legal protection for the names under which they operate. This is crucial for brand identity and recognition.

6. Corporate Governance Advisory:

We provide advisory services on corporate governance best practices, ensuring that businesses adhere to ethical standards and comply with relevant regulations.

7. Board Resolutions and Meetings:

Our team assists in the preparation of board resolutions and documentation for board meetings, ensuring that decision-making processes are documented and aligned with legal requirements.

8. Change of Company Name:

Smart Fiscal Consultants guides businesses through the process of changing their company names, handling the necessary documentation and ensuring compliance with regulatory procedures.

9. Registered Office Services:

We offer the option of providing a registered office address for businesses, managing official communications and ensuring compliance with registered office requirements.

10. Statutory Compliance Checks:

Our secretarial services include regular checks to ensure statutory compliance. We review documents, filings, and records to identify any potential issues and address them proactively.

11. Notarization and Certification:

Smart Fiscal Consultants assists in the notarization and certification of documents, ensuring that they meet legal requirements and can be used for various purposes.

12. Document Drafting and Review:

We provide support in drafting and reviewing various legal and business documents, including contracts, agreements, and resolutions.