our services for non-residents who wish to run businesses in Zimbabwe

A non-resident or foreign national refers to an individual who does not permanently reside in Zimbabwe or is not a citizen of the country. These individuals may include foreign investors, entrepreneurs, or professionals seeking to establish a business presence in Zimbabwe. Registering a company in a foreign country can pose unique challenges due to unfamiliar regulations, legal processes, and compliance requirements. Smart Fiscal Consultants recognizes the distinct needs of non-residents and foreign nationals and offers tailored assistance to guide them through the company registration process in Zimbabwe.

1. Initial Consultation:

Smart Fiscal Consultants begins by conducting a detailed initial consultation with the non-resident or foreign national. This involves understanding their business goals, the type of company they wish to establish, and any specific considerations related to their non-resident status.

2. Legal Framework Guidance:

We provide comprehensive guidance on the legal framework governing foreign investments and business operations in Zimbabwe. This includes outlining the relevant laws, regulations, and any restrictions that may apply to non-resident entrepreneurs.

3. Company Type Selection:

Depending on the business goals and structure preferred by the non-resident, we assist in selecting the most suitable company type—whether it’s a private limited company, Private Business Corporation (PBC), or the acquisition of a shelf company.

4. Document Preparation and Submission:

Our services include assisting non-residents in preparing all necessary documentation for company registration. We guide them through the process of completing forms, drafting legal documents, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

5. Local Representation Services:

For non-residents who may not be physically present in Zimbabwe during the registration process, Smart Fiscal Consultants can provide local representation services. This involves acting on behalf of the non-resident in submitting documents and liaising with local authorities.

6. Tax Planning and Compliance:

We offer specialized advice on tax planning for non-residents, helping them understand their tax obligations in Zimbabwe. This includes obtaining a business partner number and ensuring compliance with local tax laws.

7. Banking and Financial Services Assistance:

For non-residents opening bank accounts or navigating financial services in Zimbabwe, we provide assistance in liaising with financial institutions and meeting the necessary requirements for business operations.

8. Ongoing Compliance Support:

Smart Fiscal Consultants offers continuous support to non-residents by providing guidance on post-registration compliance, annual filings, and any changes in regulatory requirements that may impact their business.